Newsletter #5

Hello Steelpan Vibrations Volunteers,

We are happy to announce to you a final wave of information for the summer.



Our data aggregation software is in its final stages of development. We have been going through a lot of error-reducing and debugging of our program. Check out the blog post with images from our program here



We successfully had our twitch live stream last Wednesday night. Professor Morrison went over various aspects of the project and we hope it clears up any questions many of you might have!  You can even check out the replay of the live stream here!



We are now a listed project on the SciStarter website! If you are a fan of citizen science projects, please visit our page there where you can bookmark our page and check yourself off as a volunteer for our project. 



As the summer is coming to an end, so is most of the team working on this project. Thursday, July 26 will be the last day the two undergraduates will be actively working on this project. That, however, does not mean this project is ending. We still are in need of two complete subject sets, so Professor Morrison can analyze them! Please continue to support this project as it will stay active while volunteers like you continue making classifications and bringing interesting discussions to the table.



We continue to thank each of you for participating in this project since the beginning of the summer.  We hope that our constant updates on the project have proven to entertain and inspire you to continue making those classifications. We also want to thank our moderators for doing such a good job at keeping things lively and posted on our project page. Without any of you, this project would not be what it is today. The team leaving hopes to see the volunteers continue to make classifications and make this project thrive! 


Thanks for all your help,
Andrew & the Steelpan Vibrations Team


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