Newsletter #4

Here is the Newsletter sent out to the Zooniverse subscribers of Steelpan Vibrations:


Greetings Steelpan Vibrations Volunteers,
We are happy to give you another weekly update on the Steelpan Vibrations project!

Some exciting news: we are planning to do a live stream event this week on Wednesday night on! Read about it on our blog and sign up for the event on our Facebook page.

We are still in the process of creating a stable and user-friendly program that can interpret our classifications for analyzing and feeding into a machine-learning algorithm. Our GitHub link is still available on the front page of the project!

As suggested by a volunteer on our talk pages, we have updated our workflow to get rid of the first step of counting the number of antinode regions you see in an image. Instead, you are immediately asked to start drawing the ellipses around antinodes.

To all our new and long-time volunteers, we want to thank each one of you for providing classifications to our project. In the past week, you have contributed over 2500 classifications which is fantastic for our project! While the numbers have been dwindling down as expected, we hope that you continue participating throughout the summer and beyond. Just know that we couldn’t continue this research without you!

Next week is the last week that the summer research team will be actively working on this project. That does not mean this project is ending as it will still continue on until we reach our final goal of 200,000 classifications and retire all of our subject image sets!

Once again, we thank each and every one of the volunteers for providing us feedback and making classifications. We know summer can get quite busy with vacations and spending more time with family, but we do hope that every one of you continues to participate in Steelpan Vibrations into the Fall and Winter!

Thanks for all your help,
Andrew & the Steelpan Vibrations Team


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