Newsletter #3

Hello Steelpan Volunteers,

We thank you for your patience from the previous 3 weeks without any newletters, but we are back in action to keep you up to speed!


As you may have noticed, Zooniverse recently sent out a call to action on our behalf to the entire Zooniverse community. To sum it up: Our goals have temporarily narrowed and we are seeking many volunteers to help us reach that goal! Whether you are new to our project or have been with us from the start, we are thankful for all of you who are helping us out.


We have been working on our data processing code for future analysis and for feeding information into a machine-learning AI. The progress on that has been going well. We are publicly sharing our code on GitHub if you are curious on how it runs. The GitHub link is here and will be on our main page in Zooniverse:


We have also been updating our blog regularly. A recent blog post explains why we need a large number of classifications and gives a few examples of classifications with missed antinode regions:

Another post talks about how we are analyzing our data including classification examples and some critique:

This post delves into the origins of this Steelpan Vibrations project and how it came to be, check it out here:

We also visualized our goals by creating a hypothetical histogram based on how we want our progress to look. Read about it here:


That is all we have for you now. As always, we appreciate you helping us out with the Steelpan Vibrations project and we hope you continue to volunteer, especially with our new goal in mind!

– Andrew & the Steelpan Vibrations Team


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