Welcome New Volunteers and LiveStream Next Week!

Hello Steelpan Vibration Volunteers,

As always, we appreciate your time and dedication to this project. We also want to welcome the new volunteers to this project and thank you for your time and dedication on our project, there is lots of information to read on this blog with continuous updates until the end of the summer!

Just to inform the new volunteers, we are STILL a long way from our goal despite narrowing our goals since the beginning of summer. At this rate, we need about 2082 per day to reach our goal of classifying, so please keep it up and tell your friends and family about this project!

On another set of announcements, we want to ask all our Steelpan Vibrations volunteers AND followers if they would be interested in viewing a live stream (not longer than about 30 minutes) where the research team does classifications of their own and answers any questions that the volunteers want to pose. We believe this is critical since there may be questions you might or might not have had when making classifications and we want to make sure the entire classification process is clear to the steelpan vibrations volunteers!

We would like to know when the best time would be to stream for you. This might not serve everyone’s schedule, but we will be sure to try to accommodate as many people as possible! Let us know in this survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/RZCgJQbHFwlfpKuo2

As always, we thank you for following this project and keeping it lively. Without you, this project would not see any success!

-Steelpan Vibrations Team


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