Visualized Goals

We have discussed our goals before and that we want to achieve a certain number by the end of the summer. However, you may be wondering how does that look like?

Histogram Classifications

As seen from the histogram above, this captures the amount of classifications we had as of two weeks ago. As you can see, many of the images have had at least one classification while very few has had 9 or more.

We have recently made another histogram two weeks later and this is the result:

histogram update 2

From the progress so far, we can see that our zero-counted classifications has decreased by almost 500 and 2-count classifications are increasing while our one-count classification is decreasing

At the end of this summer, we hope to have a graph that will look similar to this:

Theoretical Histogram Classifications

From this hypothetical histogram, you can see that we want at least a majority of our images to have five classifications or more by the end of the summer. As seen from our first two histograms, progress is being made but at a slow pace. The only way we can reach our predicted goal with the last histogram is with you, the volunteers of our Steelpan Vibrations team. Please keep up the classifications, make it a goal to classify at least 5 classifications per day, and we can be sure to finish off with some great results!


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