Newsletter #3

Hello Steelpan Volunteers,

We thank you for your patience from the previous 3 weeks without any newletters, but we are back in action to keep you up to speed!


As you may have noticed, Zooniverse recently sent out a call to action on our behalf to the entire Zooniverse community. To sum it up: Our goals have temporarily narrowed and we are seeking many volunteers to help us reach that goal! Whether you are new to our project or have been with us from the start, we are thankful for all of you who are helping us out.


We have been working on our data processing code for future analysis and for feeding information into a machine-learning AI. The progress on that has been going well. We are publicly sharing our code on GitHub if you are curious on how it runs. The GitHub link is here and will be on our main page in Zooniverse:


We have also been updating our blog regularly. A recent blog post explains why we need a large number of classifications and gives a few examples of classifications with missed antinode regions:

Another post talks about how we are analyzing our data including classification examples and some critique:

This post delves into the origins of this Steelpan Vibrations project and how it came to be, check it out here:

We also visualized our goals by creating a hypothetical histogram based on how we want our progress to look. Read about it here:


That is all we have for you now. As always, we appreciate you helping us out with the Steelpan Vibrations project and we hope you continue to volunteer, especially with our new goal in mind!

– Andrew & the Steelpan Vibrations Team


Welcome New Volunteers and LiveStream Next Week!

Hello Steelpan Vibration Volunteers,

As always, we appreciate your time and dedication to this project. We also want to welcome the new volunteers to this project and thank you for your time and dedication on our project, there is lots of information to read on this blog with continuous updates until the end of the summer!

Just to inform the new volunteers, we are STILL a long way from our goal despite narrowing our goals since the beginning of summer. At this rate, we need about 2082 per day to reach our goal of classifying, so please keep it up and tell your friends and family about this project!

On another set of announcements, we want to ask all our Steelpan Vibrations volunteers AND followers if they would be interested in viewing a live stream (not longer than about 30 minutes) where the research team does classifications of their own and answers any questions that the volunteers want to pose. We believe this is critical since there may be questions you might or might not have had when making classifications and we want to make sure the entire classification process is clear to the steelpan vibrations volunteers!

We would like to know when the best time would be to stream for you. This might not serve everyone’s schedule, but we will be sure to try to accommodate as many people as possible! Let us know in this survey here:

As always, we thank you for following this project and keeping it lively. Without you, this project would not see any success!

-Steelpan Vibrations Team

Visualized Goals

We have discussed our goals before and that we want to achieve a certain number by the end of the summer. However, you may be wondering how does that look like?

Histogram Classifications

As seen from the histogram above, this captures the amount of classifications we had as of two weeks ago. As you can see, many of the images have had at least one classification while very few has had 9 or more.

We have recently made another histogram two weeks later and this is the result:

histogram update 2

From the progress so far, we can see that our zero-counted classifications has decreased by almost 500 and 2-count classifications are increasing while our one-count classification is decreasing

At the end of this summer, we hope to have a graph that will look similar to this:

Theoretical Histogram Classifications

From this hypothetical histogram, you can see that we want at least a majority of our images to have five classifications or more by the end of the summer. As seen from our first two histograms, progress is being made but at a slow pace. The only way we can reach our predicted goal with the last histogram is with you, the volunteers of our Steelpan Vibrations team. Please keep up the classifications, make it a goal to classify at least 5 classifications per day, and we can be sure to finish off with some great results!

Update on our Subject Sets and Goals

Hello Steelpan Vibrations Volunteers,

While evaluating our goals, we have decided that we want to narrow down to try to finish at least two subject sets by the end of the summer.  In order to do this, we will be exclusively using our two subject sets on Zooniverse which already have the most classifications in them.  This, in turn, will give us good data so we can start our analysis on our research, as well as feeding it in the machine-learning AI!

Once we have reached this new goal, we will make the other subject sets active again so volunteers can classify them.  This is a temporary change until we finish classifications on those two sets.

-Steelpan Vibrations Team