Looking at third harmonic resonances

If you read our About page, we have example images of what second harmonic and third harmonic resonances look like.  Those images were made for notes located at the 6 o’clock position on the diagram of the steelpan:


But most (all?) of the images we ask our volunteers to classify were of notes near the 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock positions. So the following is an example of the note in the upper left part of the image exhbiting primarily motion associated with the third harmonic resonance:


This was an example of an image that I saw when making classifications and initially marked as a second harmonic resonance. Later, I realized the pattern was third harmonic, so I went back and tagged it #thirdresonance.

We are really interested in finding second and third harmonic resonances. The steelpan tuners make sure to get the resonances of these notes as close as possible to being exactly harmonic – and we are looking for the connection between when the different resonances appear and the unique sound the steelpan makes.

What about you? What interesting patterns have you found in our images? Consider tagging your images in the Talk section so that we can discuss them with you! Thanks for your help – we really appreciate it!


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