Notes from our users


One of the great features of the Zooniverse platform is for users to leave notes about the images that they get shown for classification. There is a section in the Talk pages dedicated to these notes. One of our users noted the distinct antinode in the center of this image and left us a note about it.

Another use for the notes section is to leave questions for our team to try to clarify how to best make the classifications.  Here is an example that generated a question:


The question was whether or not the fringes had to form complete circles (or ellipses) in order to “count” as a full fringe.  This was a great question, because it was something we hadn’t considered in our testing of our project. We said that if the fringe goes more than halfway around the other fringes we would tend to count that as an additional fringe.

We now have over 600 volunteers and are adding more every day!  Thanks for the help – keep it coming!  Keep telling your friends and family about this chance to do science with us – it really helps when you spread the word!

See you on the Talk pages!


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