Notes from our users


One of the great features of the Zooniverse platform is for users to leave notes about the images that they get shown for classification. There is a section in the Talk pages dedicated to these notes. One of our users noted the distinct antinode in the center of this image and left us a note about it.

Another use for the notes section is to leave questions for our team to try to clarify how to best make the classifications.  Here is an example that generated a question:


The question was whether or not the fringes had to form complete circles (or ellipses) in order to “count” as a full fringe.  This was a great question, because it was something we hadn’t considered in our testing of our project. We said that if the fringe goes more than halfway around the other fringes we would tend to count that as an additional fringe.

We now have over 600 volunteers and are adding more every day!  Thanks for the help – keep it coming!  Keep telling your friends and family about this chance to do science with us – it really helps when you spread the word!

See you on the Talk pages!


Steelpan music from ice?

I recently discovered a series of youtube videos of musicians playing music on the ice of Lake Baikal in southern Siberia.  Some people say that the music reminds them of the sound of a steelpan – what do you think?

Here’s an entire playlist of unique musical creations, which would be a great soundtrack for playing while making more Steelpan Vibration classifications:

What kind of band has a cello and guitar, but no strings?

What kind of band has a cello and guitar, but no strings?

A steelband!


The guitar and cello pans are part of the midrange section of a steelband. Mostly these pans are there for harmony and for rhythmic support of the steelband.

In our project, we are looking specifically at the vibrations of a low tenor steelpan, which is a lead pan in the steelband. But we expect many similarities in how the different instruments in the steelband family work.

Thanks again for your support in helping us with our classifications!  Please consider sharing our riddle with your friends and family.  Encourage them to get involived with this project!

The road to 204,135

We are so excited with the initial launch of the Steelpan Vibrations project!  To our volunteers: Thank you so much for checking out our work and lending a hand with the classifications of these images.

We have set an ambitious goal of getting over 13,000 images classified.  For validation purposes, we have set the retirement limit to 15 classifications per image.  That means that we need 204,135 classifications to retire all of our images!!

Screenshot 2017-08-25 13.07.00

How can we hope to get that many classifications?  So far, we have over 460 registered users, but if we could get to 600 volunteers and each volunteer did 24 classifications per day, we would be done in two weeks!

If you are helping us out already, would you consider sharing the project with your friends and family? Challenge them to sign up and complete 24 classifications.  Make it a competition to see who can recruit the most volunteers or to see who can find the most interesting frames in the Steelpan Vibrations project.

Thanks again for your help!  We can’t do it without you!

Steelpan Vibrations’ Full Launch

Great News!

We are proud to announce that Steelpan Vibrations has reached a full launch and is now an official Zooniverse project.  Please continue to provide feedback via the project’s page or through our blog. Also, come back here for any updates on our results that come from all of you!

Many thanks to our volunteers and the Zooniverse team. Keep up the great work!

Steelpan Vibrations Team